Building Materials for Conservatories


Conservatories are not made from standard materials and you will find that you can mix and match a wide range of different materials to create the perfect conservatory for your home. You will need to consider which materials you would like used for both the frame of the structure and also in the panels, windows and doors. The use of double glazing for panels, windows and doors is a popular choice. It suits the variable UK climate and you are less likely to suffer breakages than if you opt for single glazing. The latter point is especially important to think about if you have children who are likely to play both inside the conservatory and in the outdoor space surrounding it.

You will also need to choose the material for the frame of your new conservatory. One factor that may influence your decision is the period of your home. For example, if you have a period property, you may feel that a wooden frame is more in keeping with the style of your home. If budget makes a big difference to your choice, then aluminium windows and frames are the most cost-effective options. Further advantages of choosing aluminium are that it is both light and durable.